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Otter Creek Campus is committed to providing a safe environment for youth that encourages and promotes changes in values and behavior. We believe that change is best accomplished through collaborative efforts from the youth, the family, the community and the dedicated staff.

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What's Going on Around Otter Creek

  • Transitional Living Unit

    New Transitional Living Unit

    Otter Creek is pleased to announce that our Transitional Living Unit was officially opened on July 1st. You maybe wondering, what is the Transitional Living Unit? Well a structured residential program, like the one at Otter Creek, typically doesn’t offer any real-life experiences to prepare youth for what they will face when they go back […]

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  • Otter Creek Church

    Church at Otter Creek

    It’s finished!  Hopefully you have been keeping up with our updates on the construction of the church at Otter Creek.  We recently added the pews and podium to finish off the building and now the girls can enjoy a beautiful place to worship.  If you, your church or a group from your church would like […]

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  • Otter Creek Art Class

    Otter Creek Girls Art Class

    Recently the girls at Otter Creek learned about photography in art class.  After some instruction time they went out to take some pictures.  Here are some of the things the girls captured.  They got some really nice shots as you will see.  Opening their eyes to see things differently is part of the process of […]

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  • Future Church at Otter Creek

    Church at Otter Creek

    *UPDATE - This photo was taken Nov.12th as the workers are getting started on the flooring and beginning the final stages of the church.  We hope to be using it by the end of they year. The girls at the Otter Creek Academy are seeing some new and exciting changes on our campus. First there is […]

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  • New Administration Building

    New Administration Building

    This summer we saw the start to some exciting and important changes on campus.  We broke ground in May for a new on campus Church and an Administration Building.  The building will primarily be office space for our staff.  It will also provide us some more space for counseling on campus.  We are excited and […]

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If you believe a child is being abused, neglected or is dependent, you should call the the protection and permanency office in your county or the Toll Free Child Protection Hot Line. Child Protection Hot Line: 1-877-KYSAFE1 or 1-877-597-2331 (Toll Free)

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