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Otter Creek Campus is committed to providing a safe environment for youth that encourages and promotes changes in values and behavior. We believe that change is best accomplished through collaborative efforts from the youth, the family, the community and the dedicated staff.

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What's Going on Around Otter Creek

  • Banned Books

    Banned Books

    Recently the girls at Otter Creek had a very interesting lesson.  They learned about banned books.  Each day for a week they heard authors of banned books discuss the importance of reading.  In addition to that they read and listened to excerpts from different banned books like: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry […]

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  • Lessons for Life After Otter Creek

    One of the many thing we try to do at Otter Creek is prepare the young ladies in our care for life after leaving our program.  Specifically when they turn 18 and are adults.  You know of our success this year of graduating 14 girls with their high school diploma and 1 girl obtained her […]

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  • Encouraging Awards

    Something that we do with the girls at Otter Creek is we hand out awards every 9 weeks.  Naturally while we are working with the teens to help them over come the issues they are dealing with, we want to be encouragers.  One way is to give out awards to the girls who have reach […]

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  • Otter Creek Academy Community Service

    One of the things we want the girls here to experience is helping others.  Through out the year we do a variety of community service projects giving them various experiences.  Over the years one has seemed to always make an impact on the girls and that is volunteering at a local nursing home.  In the […]

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  • Baby Project for the Girls

    Recently the girls had an interesting school project.  Each girl was given a baby to take care of for 24 hours.  They were responsible for changing, feeding, burping, clothing and over all care of their baby.  If they need to go somewhere and couldn’t take the baby with them they had to find someone else […]

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  • Otter Creek Art Project

    Otter Creek Art Project

    Earlier this year a local artist, Pat Ritter, was awarded a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to do an art project with the girls here are Otter Creek.  We were thrilled to have Pat come recently to work with the girls.  She had a project tied around our residents making a trellises.  Her […]

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  • July 4th with Foothills Academy

    Everyone has their own traditions for July 4th.  Most traditions involve a cookout and fireworks.  No different with Foothills Academy and Otter Creek but they do add one thing to the day, some games.  It’s our versions of the Olympics where the boys are pitted against the girls in a bunch of different games, 17 […]

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  • Graduation at Otter Creek 2014

    This year was a great year for us.  We had many girls put in a lot of hard work towards their education with great results.  This year’s graduation ceremony was held on May 16th.  A local pastor from here in Monticello, Bro. David Flagler, was our key note speaker for the evening. Delivering a message […]

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  • Mural Project

    The school year is just about over for the students at Wayne County Schools. One young lady who is graduating left a big impact on the girls at Otter Creek in choosing us for her senior project.She designed a mural on campus and received help from the girls on campus. They completed pictures of a […]

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  • At The Creek 2014

    He provide you with information here about what is going on as well as through the Kentucky Youth & Children’s Facebook page.  This time we would like to share with you what has been going on the past few months as told by the girls at Otter Creek.  At The Creek is their yearly newsletter […]

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  • The girls at Otter Creek do a lot of service activities for the local community. One such project last year was to make pillow cases for a near by nursing home. So they girls learned how to make them then got to experience the joy of giving them away to happy residents. Community service projects […]

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  • Thank You Lake Cumberland Drug Task Force

    Otter Creek Academy Staff and Residents would like to say “Thank You”, to the Lake Cumberland Area Drug Task Force, for visiting our campus and providing a Substance Use Prevention presentation.  One of their area agents met with the female youths to educate them about the dangers and affects of illegal and prescription substance use. […]

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  • Temper-Pedic Helps us Again

    Once again Tempur-Pedic has blessed us with a generous donation. Earlier this year they provided office equipment and computers for both facilities. Now they have donated mattresses for all our youth to sleep on. Soon the girls at Otter Creek will be sleeping well every night. Tempur-Pedic, doing their part to Impact Lives and help […]

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  • Transitional Living Unit

    New Transitional Living Unit

    Otter Creek is pleased to announce that our Transitional Living Unit was officially opened on July 1st. You maybe wondering, what is the Transitional Living Unit? Well a structured residential program, like the one at Otter Creek, typically doesn’t offer any real-life experiences to prepare youth for what they will face when they go back […]

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  • Otter Creek Church

    Church at Otter Creek

    It’s finished!  Hopefully you have been keeping up with our updates on the construction of the church at Otter Creek.  We recently added the pews and podium to finish off the building and now the girls can enjoy a beautiful place to worship.  If you, your church or a group from your church would like […]

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