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Otter Creek Campus is committed to providing a safe environment for youth that encourages and promotes changes in values and behavior. We believe that change is best accomplished through collaborative efforts from the youth, the family, the community and the dedicated staff.

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What's Going on Around Otter Creek

  • EMS – Fall 2016

    Another career students learned about was Emergency Medical Services. The EMS workers showed the students some of the equipment they use, shared educational requirements, explained daily routines, shared some examples of “runs” they had made, etc.  The students also got to look at their “truck” with all the equipment.  The techs answered questions and shared […]

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  • Soft Skills – Fall 2016

    The Area Development District, in connection with the Somerset KCTCS, provides a program for girls 16 and older to learn about how to keep a job once they have obtained one. It focuses on work ready skills, getting along with others, personality types, etc.  The girls enjoyed this program and believe they took away skills […]

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  • Army – Fall 2016

    A recruiter recently shared information about the army and begin part of the military life. She shared career options, benefits, regulations for joining, training, deployment information, daily routines, educational requirements, etc. as well as answered many questions the students asked.  Since the recruiter is a female, the OCA students related well to her presentation.

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  • Wayne County Historical Museum – Fall 2016

    The historical museum in Wayne County sparks interest in the past as girls tour the exhibits. They are intrigued with the “air conditioning” provided for the original hotel (which now houses the museum) by a cave under the building.  The toy section is of special interest as one of the tour guides, who is in […]

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  • Animal Tales October 21, 2016

        Animals from Australia and New Zealand are always interesting—who doesn’t love to watch a kangaroo? Numerous animals from this part of the world were introduced to the residents as part of a learning program.  The girls enjoyed learning about them, but also had an opportunity to pet some of them.

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  • Bullying October 11, 2016

    Bullying has long been a problem, but social media has magnified the problem. People of all ages are often faced with issues of bullying, whether it is physical, mental or social.  To draw attention to the seriousness of the problem and teach them what to do if they encounter bullying, the students at OCA were […]

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  • Truth or Consequences October 7, 2016

    Girls in gray cottage were invited to attend the educational program Truth or Consequences. The Wayne County Cooperative Extension, with the help of numerous community volunteers, holds the program each year for local students.  The program is designed to teach young people about many of the issues facing teens today and the sometimes less than […]

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  • Safe Driving October 4, 2016

    Safety  We are all concerned with safety as we drive or ride in a vehicle. Recently the girls at OCA learned some things to help them be safer.  The Department of Highway Safety presented a participation program about the importance of seatbelts, following the speed limits and not driving impaired. After an informative presentation, the […]

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  • Mill Springs Battlefield September 23, 2016

    Mill Springs Local educational opportunities are also made available for the girls at OCA. The Battle of Mill Springs was a pivotal Civil War Battle, so a field trip to learn about it gives the students a better understanding of that period of American history.  The trip begins with Mill Springs National Battlefield Center and […]

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  • Soft Skills August 15-18, 2016

    Soft Skills The Area Development District, in connection with the Somerset KCTCS, provides a program for girls 16 and older to learn about how to keep a job once they have obtained one. It focuses on work ready skills, getting along with others, personality types, etc.  The girls enjoyed this program and believe they took […]

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  • Wolf Creek Dam August 22, 2016

    OCA students toured Wolf Creek Dam to learn about electricity and flood control. The history of the dam included when, why and how it was constructed.  A tour of the inside of the dam made the information come to life with massive pieces of equipment.  The tour guides were workers so they could give first-hand […]

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  • At The Creek 2015

    At The Creek 2015

    It’s that time of year again where we get to share with you one of our favorite projects.  At the Creek is yearly newsletter that is put together by some of the girls on campus.  Some of the girls share the lessons they have been learning and talk about the events they have taken part […]

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  • Otter Creek Mural

    Our New Mural

    As you may know we house around 40-45 girls each day. Wayne County Schools provide the educational services for these young ladies and develops an individualized learning plan to provide the needed academic content for each girl. Some of these academic contents are provided in the form of on-line classes, while others are teacher led. Because […]

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  • Career day at Otter Creek

    Well it has been a crazy last 3 weeks in Kentucky. Snow, turning to warm temperatures only to see snow come back and with a vengeance in some parts of the state. Just a few short fews ago things were much brighter at Otter Creek when we held career day for the girls. We brought in […]

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  • Art Field Trip

    You may recall recently a story about the girls at Otter Creek and their art work in art class. Well last month we decided to take the girls on a field trip to visit an art studio. The teachers at our school loaded up the girls and took them to Berea. There they were able to […]

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