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Otter Creek Campus is committed to providing a safe environment for youth that encourages and promotes changes in values and behavior. We believe that change is best accomplished through collaborative efforts from the youth, the family, the community and the dedicated staff.

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What's Going on Around Otter Creek

  • At The Creek 2015

    At The Creek 2015

    It’s that time of year again where we get to share with you one of our favorite projects.  At the Creek is yearly newsletter that is put together by some of the girls on campus.  Some of the girls share the lessons they have been learning and talk about the events they have taken part […]

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  • Otter Creek Mural

    Our New Mural

    As you may know we house around 40-45 girls each day. Wayne County Schools provide the educational services for these young ladies and develops an individualized learning plan to provide the needed academic content for each girl. Some of these academic contents are provided in the form of on-line classes, while others are teacher led. Because […]

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  • Career day at Otter Creek

    Well it has been a crazy last 3 weeks in Kentucky. Snow, turning to warm temperatures only to see snow come back and with a vengeance in some parts of the state. Just a few short fews ago things were much brighter at Otter Creek when we held career day for the girls. We brought in […]

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  • Art Field Trip

    You may recall recently a story about the girls at Otter Creek and their art work in art class. Well last month we decided to take the girls on a field trip to visit an art studio. The teachers at our school loaded up the girls and took them to Berea. There they were able to […]

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  • Book Fair

    The Girls Put on a Book Fair

    Some of the girls on campus recently held a book fair. It was part of a reading project from their English teacher. Each student had a book to read, do a project (including a book review along with a poster or poem or book cover.), and be ready to answer questions from staff. At the book […]

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  • Art Class at Otter Creek

    Wayne County Schools provide us with teachers and a principle at Otter Creek, and they do a terrific job. They try to expose the girls to as many things as they can. Being a small school, typically around 38 on most days, the teachers do an excellent job of offering the basics and other special […]

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  • New Year Resolutions: Off to a Good Start

    Well we are at the halfway point of January 2015 and I wonder, how are your new year’s resolutions holding up so far? Some have had to give up already and others are holding on strong whatever those resolutions may be. For many, it is to eat better and get more exercise. Luckily for the […]

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  • Otter Creek Visit Galilean Home

    Each year the a group of girls from Otter Creek take a trip to the Galilean Home. The Galilean Home is a non-profit ministry located in Liberty, Kentucky. Their mission is to serve by caring for children and young adults, all having their own special need of care. Founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker, their […]

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  • Christmas Candy and a Science Experiment Combined

    Who doesn’t love all the candy and sweets that accompany Christmas and the Holiday Season? If you have teenagers/children in your home then you know they do. So every year we take time to have the youth at Foothills and Otter Creek make candy of their own. It is always a time that everyone enjoys. […]

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  • Barn Quilts

    There are a lot of ways someone can express who they are or what they are feeling. Many times those expressions are a much needed release. A release from stress, anger or a release from our past to start a new future. You can see it in works of art, literature or even how someone […]

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  • Christmas Ornaments for the Staff

    This year the girls at Otter Creek decided to do something special for the staff. They created and made their own Christmas tree ornaments for everyone. Taking a team exercise and producing a gift was fun for all. Each person doing their part produced memorable gifts for all the staff. During the holidays being away […]

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  • Book Fair

    Banned Books

    Recently the girls at Otter Creek had a very interesting lesson.  They learned about banned books.  Each day for a week they heard authors of banned books discuss the importance of reading.  In addition to that they read and listened to excerpts from different banned books like: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry […]

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  • Lessons for Life After Otter Creek

    One of the many thing we try to do at Otter Creek is prepare the young ladies in our care for life after leaving our program.  Specifically when they turn 18 and are adults.  You know of our success this year of graduating 14 girls with their high school diploma and 1 girl obtained her […]

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  • Encouraging Awards

    Something that we do with the girls at Otter Creek is we hand out awards every 9 weeks.  Naturally while we are working with the teens to help them over come the issues they are dealing with, we want to be encouragers.  One way is to give out awards to the girls who have reach […]

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  • Otter Creek Academy Community Service

    One of the things we want the girls here to experience is helping others.  Through out the year we do a variety of community service projects giving them various experiences.  Over the years one has seemed to always make an impact on the girls and that is volunteering at a local nursing home.  In the […]

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