Otter Creek Academy

Art Field Trip

You may recall recently a story about the girls at Otter Creek and their art work in art class. Well last month we decided to take the girls on a field trip to visit an art studio. The teachers at our school loaded up the girls and took them to Berea. There they were able to watch 5 graduate students doing 3 different forms of clay, oil painting and even some etchings. After that they went on a tour at the Artisan’s Center to look at other Kentucky artist and their work. This goes right along with the lessons in art class. The girls have been learning all about different types of art, especially oils, ceramics and pastels.

Here are some pictures from the day.  It was a great time of learning and an opportunity to go somewhere that most of the girls had never been to before.  Thanks to the Artisan Center for the honor of touring your facility.20150213_085908 20150213_085941 20150213_090113 20150213_090221 20150213_090357 20150213_090704 20150213_090807 20150213_114506 20150213_114641 20150213_115820 20150213_121735


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