Otter Creek Academy

Mill Springs Battlefield September 23, 2016

Mill Springs

Local educational opportunities are also made available for the girls at OCA. The Battle of Mill Springs was a pivotal Civil War Battle, so a field trip to learn about it gives the students a better understanding of that period of American history.  The trip begins with Mill Springs National Battlefield Center and Museum.  Students watch a short video of information about the battle and its impact on the Civil War and then tour the museum to view authentic and simulated battle field items.  The next stop is the National Cemetery for those who have served our country in the military when girls can see markers for soldiers from this battle as well as veterans of other wars.  A trip to the site of the battle fields allows the girls to see how the information they have learned would have played out in this battle.  Then the trip moves to the Wayne County side to see how the development of Lake Cumberland for flood control changed the “lay of the land” from the actual battle.  They also tour the Brown-Lanier House where they are able to see where a cannon ball entered the house during this battle.

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