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Our New Mural

As you may know we house around 40-45 girls each day. Wayne County Schools provide the educational services for these young ladies and develops an individualized learning plan to provide the needed academic content for each girl. Some of these academic contents are provided in the form of on-line classes, while others are teacher led. Because research shows that the arts is an excellent means to allow a person to express themselves and tap into their creative skills, art and music play a role in these girls’ education.

To complement their regular art and music classes, Otter Creek Academy over the past few weeks, embarked on a large scale art project funded by VSA Kentucky, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities in the arts for children and adults with disabilities. VSAKY awarded Otter Creek the opportunity to have an artist in residence in the spring semester. The artist, Patricia Ritter, is from Burkesville, Kentucky. Ms. Ritter helped the students create a mural in the cafeteria. The mural combined not only skills in drawing and paint, but also involved mathematical concepts such as measurement, space and dimension, and had a focus on science and the local biome or habitat. Students studied various biomes to learn about native trees, plants, animals and water supply. Each student created a drawing of what they think would be a part of our local biome and then submitted a composite of their ideas that was developed into the mural.

Now with the mural complete, each student should have a solid understanding of various biomes, and have an extensive knowledge of our local community. The students will also participated in the design and development of the mural. The mural will now serve not only to beautify the cafeteria, but will also be a “talking point” for current students and future students for years to come.

We wanted to share with you what the girls and Patricia made. It’s simply a wonderful representation of fall to winter. We hope to have Patricia back with the help of VSAKY to complete the seasons in a spring to summer mural. Click on the picture for a large view.

Otter Creek Mural

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