Otter Creek Academy


Parents, we know that your child is important to you and they are to us as well. Our primary focus is the safety and security of our residents. Each resident is treated with dignity and respect. We believe the way to a better life and successful treatment begins with educating the youth as well as the staff about treatment goals. We will work with your child at every level of their treatment to provide a safe, caring, and goal-oriented program.

Visitation Regulations

  • Visits to the campus are limited to the immediate family or legal guardian (parent, sibling, and grandparent)  Any visitors outside the immediate family are required to obtain permission from her counselor and be approved by community worker.
  • A prior approved visitation list will be kept on hand during visitation.  Only those individuals that have been prior approved by the youth’s community worker will be permitted to visit. A worker can add visitors to the list by calling youth’s counselor however the facility will only encourage those visits between the youth and immediate family members.
  • Visitation hours are from 1 to 4 p.m. Eastern time each Sunday.  Groups will rotate meaning that residents will be offered visitation every other weekend.
  • Families must sign in with staff upon arrival.  Visitors may be asked to show valid ID.  One person may register entire family as long as staff is aware.
  • During visitation, staff will be available to answer any questions.
  • Visiting at any time other than regular visiting hours must be approved through counselor, treatment team and community worker.
  • Residents are to visit in the cafeteria.
  • Youth are not to visit other resident’s family members.  If a resident does not have visitors, she is not allowed to be in the cafeteria until visitation is over.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring food or drinks. Beverages will be provided at visitation by Otter Creek Academy.  Residents are to get the drinks for their visitors.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring any items unless approved by youth’s counselor prior to the visit.
  • Residents may be searched after visitation if staff has suspicion that residents may have contraband.
  • No cell phones or cameras are permitted at visitation.
  • Once a visitor is inside the cafeteria/gym, they are not permitted to leave, except to use the restroom in the hallway.  If visitors leave the designated area for visitation, their visitation may be terminated.
  • Visitors are required to be appropriately dressed, i.e., shirt, shoes, non-revealing clothing.  Clothing items that are racially insensitive or degrading, contain profanity, promotes drugs, alcohol or gang affiliation are not permitted.

Visitation is granted for treatment purposes.  Staff reserves the right to supervise all visits and terminate them in the event that visitors or the resident behave in an irresponsible manner. The use of alcohol, drugs, the presence of weapons, or loud, threatening behaviors or promotion of gang activity will not be tolerated.  This behavior is grounds for termination of the visit in order to maintain the safety and security of the facility. Visitation may be denied if the resident’s behavior presents a threat to others.

Phone Privileges

  • All phone calls will be for ten minutes only.
  • All residents will be allowed to call home on their date of admission.
  • Each resident is allowed one outgoing call per week. (Day will be designated according to what group you are placed in)
  • Phone calls will be to immediate family or others approved by counselor and community worker.
  • Residents on “Intensive Staff Supervision” (ISS) are allowed to receive one 5-minute phone call but are not allowed to make a phone call.
  • Incoming phone calls are Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am-8:30pm.

Mail Privileges

Incoming mail

  • All mail must be logged in the mail log.
  • Incoming mail will be given to the resident at, or as close to, 6 p.m. as possible.

Outgoing mail

  • All residents may be allowed to correspond with individuals on their approved contact list.
  • Otter Creek will provide two stamps per week to residents if requested.

Contact Information

1440 Old Bethel Church Road
Monticello, KY 42633
Phone: (606) 343-0203
Fax: (606) 343-0301
GPS address is
1440 Old Bethel Church Road
Alpha, KY 42603