Otter Creek Academy

Safe Driving October 4, 2016


We are all concerned with safety as we drive or ride in a vehicle. Recently the girls at OCA learned some things to help them be safer.  The Department of Highway Safety presented a participation program about the importance of seatbelts, following the speed limits and not driving impaired.

After an informative presentation, the girls got to see the problems with impaired driving. They used “drunk goggles” (goggles which are designed to simulate what a person sees who is over the legal limit of intoxication) to try the field sobriety test—walking a straight line with your hands to your sides.   The girls soon learned how people who are impaired look as they take the test and how difficult it is to “stay on the line”.  Then they got to try to pick up their car keys from the ground. We all looked funny trying it.  The next task (with the “drunk goggles”) was to catch a basketball from a bounce pass , dribble the ball and then make a goal.  Only three or four girls (on their second or third try) were able to even hit the backboard, much less make the goal.  The last activity with the impaired goggle simulator was to throw a corn bag at a corn hole board.  Again, the task is almost impossible with impairment.

These activities will hopefully be a fun reminder not to drive impaired or to ride with someone who is impaired. Safety first; hopefully lesson learned.

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