Otter Creek Academy

Truth or Consequences October 7, 2016

Girls in gray cottage were invited to attend the educational program Truth or Consequences. The Wayne County Cooperative Extension, with the help of numerous community volunteers, holds the program each year for local students.  The program is designed to teach young people about many of the issues facing teens today and the sometimes less than desirable consequences for poor choices.  They learn that the consequences often affect so many more people than just the person who makes the choice.

Students learned about how poor choices they make can have long term effects. Bad postings on social media or poorly chosen tattoos or attire can prevent you from getting the job you want now or many years down the road.  Other choices such as drugs, drinking, fighting, breaking school rules or local or state laws or sometimes being the wrong place at the wrong time can have lifelong consequences.  Students were given scenarios and a parent (if they didn’t bring their own) to go with them on their “(pretend) day”.  Some students had an officer put them into handcuffs and “stuff” them into the back seat of a cruiser.  They then had to see the judge or talk to their counselor or prole officer.  Some were less lucky and had to go to the hospital or to see the coroner.  Other students listened to a mother talk about what happened to her family when drugs took over the life of her son—stealing, lying, divorce, having his child taken away and finally his death.  Other stops along the way may have been the school principal, the health department or local ministers.  Games to illustrate choices and consequences were also part of the day’s activities.  The event culminated with a mock car accident and the consequences surrounding it.

The events gave the students a great deal to think about and hopefully will help them to think before taking actions that cause real life consequences.

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